Out with the Old in with the New.. Year?

As a new year begins it is important that we take a minute to reflect on the year that has passed and some of the better moments we had in 2011.

2011 was the year of “mild-ness” in the central portion of the state of Iowa. With little rain and mild temperatures most of the summer it was the driest year we have had in awhile for flooding.  Which isn’t a bad thing but can keep business a little slow around the shop!  So this year SERVPRO of Des Moines NW and SERVPRO of Ames had to focus on a few other tasks to keep us busy. One big task that we took on was opening up the new shop in Ames, IA.  We never realized it was such work to move equipment people and all kinds of green stuff up to the road 30 miles. But when it was all said in done we have one fine looking shop to call home to our SERVPRO of Ames. Also in 2011 we switched our focus a bit, we added a few new additions to the staff including a new Marketing Manager for our Ames and Des Moines territories. Jeff Naples was brought on board in the June of 2011. Jeff brings a long list of marketing experience to SERVPRO and immediately insisted on a few changes taking place.

“When I walked in the door I saw a company that was vastly growing as well as at the forefront of their industry in Iowa.”  said Naples,  “I didn’t come in with the intentions of reinventing the wheel, just changing the tire pressure and and upgrading the tread with the latest and greatest materials to get the best performance out of the car!”  

This company has always been run with the greatest of respect for our clients with great ethics and morals being at the top of our priority list. that is what has made SERVPRO of Des Moines NW & Ames grow so fast over the last 6 years and we would like that to continue.”  said Owner Brian Burkle  This philosophy towards business is not something that Jeff wanted to change, but rather that is something he is looking to spread throughout the community. That is why SERVPRO of Des Moines NW has been committed to community involvement and education since Naples arrival.  We have participated in everything from golf events to the most recent event a benefit for Toys For Tots.

In June of 2011 we sponsored the Central Iowa Claims Associations Golf Outing at Beaver Creek Golf Course outside of Grimes, Iowa. Providing Lunch from The Smokehouse. Although the weather was rainy the day was a hit with great food and great golf all day long.  In August we once again went full force with another golf outing doing our part to help out United Services in their annual golf outing with games, drinks, and loads of good eats all day long.

September SERVPRO honored those who lost there lives in the 2001 September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. By taking part in honoring local firefighters and giving thanks to for what they sacrifice.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month which we went full force on in spreading the awareness and donation $10.00 with every claim that was called in during the month of October with our SERVPRO is here to help campaign.  October also brought out scariest of scary’s with Halloween where we introduced our Servpro trauma bags and evidence cups to agents and business owners around town.

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November was a time to give thanks and thanks we gave when we honored Veterans who have serviced with the United States Armed Forces on Veterens Day 11/11/11 this year.  Servpro of Des Moines Nw also donated toothbrushes and toothpaste to a veterans in need program.

November was also the month of the Turkey! Eating the Turkey that is.. Yes it was Thanksgiving and we gave thanks and also help restore some of nearly 15,000 Turkey cooking fires that happen every year.  We had a lot to be thankful for this year including new friends, old friends, clients and vendors but mostly we were thankful that we were able to organize and help bring cheer to underprivileged children across Iowa in the upcoming month of December with Toys For Tots.

December 1th through the 14th, 2011 SERVRPO was lucky enought to partner up with some truly fabulous local community stores and make provide over 40 full size boxes of toys to Toys For Tots. This event was such a large success we know have decided to make it an annual event! SERVPRO of Des Moines NW and SERVPRO of Ames worked with the Toys for Tots foundation of Iowa created an event Called Fill the Big Green Box Truck where we set up drop off locations in different parts of the Greater Des Moines Area in order to make it easier for individuals in the community to make it to drop off locations to donate toys. we worked with Vital Signs Display Graphics of Des Moines and other local community sponsors to provide posters and boxes to business that would like to donate toys for the cause.

This was our chance to give back to the community to which supports our business and also show that we care about the community and those in our community. We at Servpro know that as good as it feels to receive, it feels even better to give.  2012 here we come and remember your friends at Servpro of Des Moines Nw and Servpro of Ames are here to help and just a call away. 515-986-3711



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