Asking the Professionals

Last week I was thinking about our company, and came up with the question; what actual relevance to the community do we have? I realized at times it is easy to forget what you and your company actually does for the community for whatever reason that maybe. So I wanted to find out from the others who worked around me, what it is that makes us relevant?  So I sent out an email to all the employees asking everyone a few questions that I thought somone who may not know us would ask: What does SERVPRO of Des Moines, Iowa offer besides Restoration Services?

So I asked the Professional Cleanup Team to give me some answers:

Professional: Brian Burkle

Position/Title: Head Owner & Head Service Technician of SERVPRO of Des Moines NW.

  1.  What is SERVPRO? The leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration
  2. What are we selling or offering? Fast and caring response to the insured’s needs. We are able to work both with the insured and the insurance provider to meet there needs by one; responding to the loss with trained and certified technicians with the knowledge understand how to efficiently cleanup the loss to reduce the cost of the repairs there for reducing the cost of the claim.  Two; SERVPRO being the leader in the industry has many relationships and programs with many of the largest insurance companies across the United States. Why is this important? This allows us to have quicker respond times because we work directly with the providers call center. We are able start the mitigation and clean up immediately because of the trusting relationship we have with the provider and in most cases do not need to wait for authorization from and adjuster or a provider. Three; We use the most update to date, the most excepted software in the industry and many of time work electronically with the insurance company and off of their pricing system. In almost all cases there is no need for emergency service approval or the need for multiple bids.
  3. What do we offer customers that others cannot? We offer a great response time. The caring knowledge to understand insured’s needs. Relationships with the insurance companies locally and nationally. We work for the insured and with the insurance company to minimize the cost. We can also provide repairs after the clean up with one of the largest, most trusted Restoration contractors in Des Moines.
  4. What is the major difference in “us” and our competitors? We are here to provide the best service in the industry and build long standing relationships. We are not the company that swoops in and gets the fast money and leaves the insured and the provider unresolved issues.
  5. If you were a Customer who had never needed or known about Fire, water or mold cleanup and woke up to water in your home from a line break where would you search for help? 
  • Where would you turn to find a service provider? (Ex: google, yellow pages, etc) I would use the resources close to me. Call people I know and trust. I most cases when I don’t know what I need or who I need, I will call someone I trust. I have just woken up to a traumatic situation and the last thing I want to happen now is that I am taken advantage of. Second, goggle it and then yellow pages.
After reading this ask yourself what is it that your company does? How do we look at ourselves? More Importantly how do customers on the outside looking in see us?  I would love to hear your feedback on these questions and your answers feel free to take a minute and fill in your response.
at the following link: Help Us Help Others.
Thank you.

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