The Sooner Help Arrives The Sooner Life Resumes.

I took a few minutes today to read over the new Restoration Newsline from SERVPRO corporate and while the summer safety tips were interesting and always add to the knowledge banks. It was a few lines of text that really caught my eye and sparked my thoughts.  SERVPRO strives to be, fast to any size disaster, this we already know but, what really sparked my interests what the line “The sooner help arrives, the sooner restoration begins. The sooner restoration begins, the sooner you or your customers can resume life and business as usual.”

These words made me think. We take for granted many things in life but it isn’t until we are inconvenienced or made to go without, that we truly appreciate the things we have. Take today for instants, the weather outside is downright crummy and although its not raining its not snowing, nor is it cold. To the contrast of all of these things it is July 20th and it is over 100 degrees, 6 months ago it was over 100 degrees different in temperature. In times such as these we value our homes and the belongings we own much more than usual. When Disaster strikes and your A/C goes out or summer storm weather causes your basement to flood or any other inconvenience that is possible, we many times find ourselves saying “I just want to get back to normal.”  So if your are stuck waiting around for insurance adjusters and agents to come out and service your claim or even worst if you have to wait for a service company to come out and give you an estimate or start work on your property this is not only an inconvenience it is downright hazardous to your health.

For these reason I find myself being thankful for what I have and for teams of service professionals at SERVPRO that make sure you are not waiting around with 1 hour response time or quicker and 24/7 emergency response what else could possibly start to ease your worries but to know that life is going to resume “as normal” “like it never even happened”

Best Wishes,



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